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21 march

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Yeah thats my birthday and I fucking hate that date. I dont want cards, flowers and other presents. I dont want the extra attention, I dont want people to treat me like I'm special today.
Why cant you just treat me like they did on work today. Not knowing its my birthday, have to be at work from 7.15 am till 18.00 pm, telling me if I want be faster, they will fire me, making me fucking feel I cant do a thing, like I'm useless. Because yeah, I cant do a thing, I make a million mistakes, I am fucking useless, just a burden. So you know what would be a perfect birtday gift, you know what would make me happy, that I would die today. So if you want to give me the most beautifull present ever, just kill me.

Happy birthday regardless of you hating this day. I won't send oyu flowers or candy(that would be stakerish). I will however send my love and :hug: b/c even though you hate this day I still love you.

Not open for further replies.

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