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    i have never felt love from my parents, or anyone except from my grandmother but i dont see her much. im 14 years old and have some of the best friends in the world but i want to feel loved properly and wanted. I dream of finding a girl, but all my life ive been the one whos single.

    im not saying a girlfriend would solve evrything but it would make the world so much better for me.

    I feel so drained, i just want to feel love from someone close to me.

    but they wont show it so im fading away out of existence.

    just wantd to post this get it off my chest

  2. Robin

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    What we want sometimes does not always help us feel better, while needs are good in that they give us a direction to head when we are lost, sometimes it seems to me they can obscure the truth and the reason why we feel the way we do. You obviously have problems that need solving but whether you can buy or date your way into happiness is a western concept that is often hard to shake. I'm not saying your parents feel for you in a manner that is opposite to what you say, I'm not saying you don't deserve to feel wanted but what I am saying is that getting what we want isn't always the answer.