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    :hug: :hug:

    What's up hun?
  3. LetItGo

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    I dont know what to do, and i have to make decisions now. The time has come.
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    Whst decisions?
  5. LetItGo

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    Move, Stay
    Quit, dont quit
    will it work, will it fail
    how do i feel, how dont i feel
    its ending and im lost.
  6. *dilligaf*

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    If you are thinking about doing something then please don't :hug:
    Are any of these decisions less important than other ones? Any you could leave until you are feeling less stressed?
  7. LetItGo

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    I have to make them now.

    I was going to hand in my resignation today and give 2 weeks notice....but

    so many things going on inside my head, its a mindfield.

    One part of me feels like rolling the dice again and again and again...until I break.

    Another part just wants to go die in a corner somewhere because I fucked up my life a long time ago, and no matter how I try, the same thoughts are ALWAYS with me.

    I care about her a lot. I worry that if im not down there she cant recover and rebuild her life, but the truth is...its not the same, and I think everyone reading this knows what Im talking about :sad: . I think we could be really good for each other, but is that enough...

    Im making no sense.
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    Last time i was there, I didnt want to come back, but was that just the heat of the moment. She is the sweetest person on earth, but I just dont know. I want to move, im sick of this town, its been long enough. I have to move anyway, so its a choice between A and B, and A is a better option emotionally, physically, but B is probably a better option financially, its safe long term. A is a massive move, B is a nothing move.
  9. LetItGo

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    Feck it.
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    You need to get off your ass and figure out what you want in your heart. You have a girl who loves you, a job though you don't like it at least you have a job, you have an opportunity to go move and be with the girl you are into. What choice is there to make matt?? You seem to have everything you wanted months ago, when you said you wanted a girl to care about you and a job?? So explain this to me??
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    Ive decided :smile: I spoke to Kristen today and I'm gonna do it. It feels right, and it is right. I cant wait to get there. She's a beautiful person, and id be mad not to go in the end. She's never had any doubt, its just me worried about the scale of the move, its another state after all, 1,100 kilometers away, but like i said in my original post im in the mood to roll the dice...I decided to give a bit more notice to my boss, as it is its short notice but with mum moving out right behind me...its just the way things work out.

    Have to find a new job, place to live etc etc. (we don't intend to live together) but im really looking forward to it now. L*** at work has already told me he will kick my ass if I don't go lol so ya its all decided.

    Kristen, I cant wait to see you again :cheekkiss :hug:

    P.S I will try to keep our relationship off the forum in the future, i know it can be hurtful to people, Ive been there, and its something ive sometimes complained about, so I will honestly try to keep this as the final post about it. Sorry if ive hurt anyone.
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    You've hurt no one hun. I'm VERY glad you found someone. We all knew it would happen eventually. Your a fantastic guy and Kristen is very lucky to have you. Love ya :hug:
  14. *dilligaf*

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    I'm glad you are feeling better now :smile: