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    dammit, everything just makes me so damn angry. I hate how the world works. How money rules everything, how everyone just takes and so very few give. I hate that everyone is so content with staying in their politically correct bubbles that they never tell people what they really are.

    Oh no, you're stereotyping them or you're being a racist, sexist, etc.

    NO DAMMIT I'm not, I'm calling an inconsiderate, ignorant, person what they are. And there is a reason we have stereotypes, because they are based on a truth. Sure not everyone fits them but when someone does, it's not a stereotype.

    I hate human beings!!!! We do nothing but consume and destroy. We serve no purpose and for the lifeform that is supposed to be of higher intelligence, we constantly and consistently show how stupid we are.

    I hate that I consider what I'm doing and how it will affect others before I do it, while others I see run all over people and could care less. Yet they are the ones who are happy, while I am not (to put it lightly).

    I hate that I hate. I should be happy with the life I have. That I am not starving and that I live in a supposedly free country. But I'm not. I wish I could do something but I just seem to not be able to stop hating everything and almost everyone.