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    Its hard, really hard sometimes to keep going. i just cant stand it sometimes. i want to just drive me car into a wall or just find a really tall building and jump off. the only thing i can do is just keep turning up the volume to drown out those thoughts. there is nothing in my future that can keep me going. i only have my friends but even i know that as time goes on you grow apart. people find new people and you just drift apart. i am going to be alone my whole life because i am too afraid to go out there and meet someone. all i know is how to be alone. i dont know what else to really say. i am going to end it soon because there is no point anymore. i wasnt even supposed to be alive at this age i was going to kill myself last year but it didnt work out. i just couldnt do it. i thought that something would happen and things would change but they didnt. things are still the same, and now i know there really isnt much of a point in living. i am afraid of the future i dont like change. why cant i just live a life where i didnt have to worry about people leaving. i cant keep this going much longer.
  2. resistance

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    :hug: How are you doing today? I hope you're feeling a bit better than you were at the time of submitting your thread.

    It's true, as time goes on friends can drift apart. They can. It doesn't happen all the time, there are many friendships in this world that have been strong for years on end. Try not to think that your friends are going to leave you and move on to other people because that may not happen. Be grateful that you have the friends you have now and try to make the most of the time you have with them. By that, I don't only mean try to have fun but also lean on them in times when you're feeling low and hopefully their support will help you through this time. Have you spoken to your friends about how you're feeling?

    If your friends do move on then you can try to too. I know only too well how hard that is. When it comes to socialising I don't do too great in that department. I suggest you get involved in charities and/or clubs or organisations. Seeing as you would all share the same interests that can be a good base to start forming friendships. If you really struggle when it comes to making new friends, could you perhaps meet some of your friends friends? Instead of being one to one your friend can help break the ice and get you 'involved' with their other friends. It's a good way to expand your social network.

    If you really struggle when it comes to socialising though, have you considered therapy? It can help you. Have you spoken to a doctor about how you're feeling?

    Take care of yourself. :hug:
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