24th June - Happy Birthday Mum

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    Mum yet another year goes by where you are not around
    Ever since you left this world pain is all thats found
    Tomorrow you would be thirty six and what i want to know
    It's been five years yet i still dont see why you had to go

    Mum you was the person that made me wake each morn
    You would be the first to smile as we watched another day dawn
    You acted like a spoilt kid when we was by the sea.
    So that's where we decided your resting place should be

    Scarborough was your place you loved it with all your heart
    So we scattered you there when Fate decided to tear us apart
    Now to me thats a sacred place that i hold dear and true
    Because its the place i go when i need to be near to you

    It seem's such a lifetime ago since i last saw your face
    I can't even remember when i last felt your embrace
    But why am i whining on when the thing i have to say
    Happy birthday love you mum and miss you more each day.

    :rose:Happy birthday mum miss and love you loads xxxxx R.I.P Angel :rose:
  2. SmilePretty

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    it does NOT suck becca, its wonderful.
  3. *dilligaf*

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    Such a nice poem hun :hug:

    sorry for all the pain you are going through.

    am here for you anytime

    love ya xx
  4. danni

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    becca :hug:
  5. nagisa

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    I love the poem, sweetie. It's very nice. I'm here whenever you need me. :hug: :hug:
  6. gentlelady

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    This is a beautiful tribute to your mom Becca. :hug: