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25 years today I lost you!


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25 years ago today I lost you Mom, and today I feel as devastated and bereft
as if it just happened.
You were my life, my soul my reason for living... I don't know why I am such a mess today, this day has never affected me so badly.

If tears could build a stairway to heaven I'd be with you right now!
I want to curl into a little ball and disintegrate. My son is the same age I lost you and I see now that losing you at 14 was too early...

Its NEVER the Right time... I miss you more than words can say! A Mother's Love is Forever and I will Forever be Missing You Mom!... Tears...
Even at almost 40 it still hurts...

total eclipse

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Hun losing someone the pain the sadness will always stay hun I am sure your mother would not have wanted this sadness for you She would have wanted you happy and full of life You can live on for your mother do something to keep her memory alive hun plant a beautiful tree she loved or volunteer towards something she believed in I am sorry for your loss hun hugs to you


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***gentle hugs***

It never stops hurting :no: :console: I truly understand this pain.

We have this site and the good hearted folks here to lean on when the pain is intense.

I do strongly believe in keeping the memories alive, in honoring our loved ones whether by relating stories about them, planting something, doing something special, community service, helping others, creating photo albums with anecdotes, stories, etc. and sharing them. I even gave blood regularly until they would not take it, in memory of someone. I do a lot of this type of thing. In a way, it's like I owe them this much, to carry on their memory...I love and care for them so much. Sharing with your son might be a good bonding experience.

My heart is with you. **hugs**

I lost my when I 12, I can still remember seeing her corpse at the funeral. At the time it didnt affect me cause she never lived with me, but sometimes it hurts thinking i grew up without my mom. It hurts thinking that I'm not a lady because no one has taught me how to be one or at least this is what my bf thinks. What I hate the most is how people your supposed to have in your life disappear, what gives people the right leave you are abandon you. Death is unfair, life is unfair...I hate it. It stings. So I distract myself with things I like to do but if life gets to harsh I don't know what to do.


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Ditsy i'm sorry you lost your Mum and at such a young age..
bad enough when youre older to lose them ..can't imagine what it was like for you at 14
I miss mine too ...don't think we ever get too old to need our Mums *HUGS*

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