26 yrs ago today

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    With tears streaming & heart breaking Mom I am reminded of the day I lost you. I can't believe its 26yrs already. If I had known I would have stayed home & cherished a few extra moments, hours with you.
    At 14 I wasn't ready to lose you and today it hurts for the years I have been robbed... of your protection, knowing you, years of your knowing me, years of missed Prom, Graduation from Nursing College, missed Engagement,meeting my husband, Wedding and your meeting your grandchildren.
    It kills me that you had such a hard life and knowing what I know now so much of your protective behaviours are evidently what saved us from him and for that I thank you. I understand now that you did your best you weren't to know... You were as trapped then as I am now...
    Today I cry for you, for me and for the 14 yr old girl who needed her mother more than ever and now my own son is 14 I understand how very young I still was...
    The pain doesn't get any easier it just becomes more familiar
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    :hug: 'sssss
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    Thinking of you Ditsy and empathetic to your pain. :hug:
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    Thank you... :hug:
    Made it through yesterday where urge to join her was strongest.
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    hang in there:hug: