27 and not getting any younger

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    I have goals I want to achieve. My ultimate goal is to be a paramedic. I know that it is never too late to get back into education. I left college twice (similar to a community college) because I could not take the anxiety. But next year I plan to get back into college to do the exact course I dropped out of after three weeks, in the meantime I want to do an online course which has an accredited merit to get me back into learning.
    Does anyone have any tips? I currently work part time in my familys business and am on disability.
    Only for the Dbt earlier this year I would have gone to college. My brother wants me to work for him full time(i feel it would be a dead end job) and although I have said yes I don't want to. I want to do something that will give me independence and fulfilment. Ideas anyone?
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    All it really takes is not giving up when things get hard. If you are going to study online then you need to be disciplined about it and set aside a specific time each day to do that. Don't let yourself blow it off or tell yourself you will "do double tomorrow" etc. If you want to be a paramedic then don't let yourself get trapped into working for your family forever doing something that isn't fulfilling. You have mentioned wanting to be independent and seen as an adult - working for your mom or your brother isn't going to achieve that for you.

    It is all within your power - you just have to commit to it and not let yourself quit when it gets hard or sucks or you hit a low spot. It isn't easy but it is possible.
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    Thank you @Freya I have just ordered brochures for courses and like my weight issue, now is the time to act, now that I feel physically and mentally well. Just found out too that there are a ton of courses you can do while on disability. I CAN do this, you're right I need to not quit if I have a broken bone (like last time), anxiety, stress. I have a whole year now to prepare for this so I might do some CBT to help me through this and figure out what exactly the issue is with being around a lot of people. Thanks for your response!!
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    I had the same issues Petal. I started/stopped university I think half a dozen times from 2004 through to 2001. I started to take a few home study courses and I was much more successful. It does take discipline though, and you have that! :)
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    Hey Lynne go for your dream, paramedic is a great job and fulfilling. I was in my thirties when I started working on my RN, it took 4yrs and two part time jobs but I made it. Felt like giving up numerous times but I'm glad I didn't. Working in healthcare really changed my whole life view. You can do it to.
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    Why do you want to be a paramedic?

    Hold on to that reason and remind yourself of it everytime you want to put off your dreams. Through grit, you will achieve your dreams.
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    I would suggest getting familiar with the campus now to make your transition easier. Find out the library hours and start there. Go to the campus cafe during off peak times so it's not too crowded and hang out there a bit. Walking around the campus and getting to know where the different buildings are is also helpful. Talking with an advisor about your plans and asking suggestions can also help. Look at the course texts in the bookstore and check out the different instructors or professors and their ratings. I'd also suggest going to the disabilities office and talking with them about any help they can provide.

    I agree about not working full time in a job you don't want to do. When you begin your classes, I'd keep working hours to a minimum until you know how much time your coursework will require. As was suggested, do assignments early so if something unexpected happens you will have a buffer.

    Can you shadow a paramedic for a while? It might help you to see what you'd enjoy about the job and what things you might like to work on in therapy this year. In ERs they can be around a lot of people. In the ambulance it's only a few but in very tight quarters. The compassion and caring you'd bring would be great for your patients.
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