3 Days to go : Chapter 5

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  1. Chapter 5 : Losing the spark

    There is a spark inside all of us. Have you ever stopped to think about it?
    This spark makes us get up every morning. What happens when this spark has been extinguished?

    You feel no longer equipped to fight, minimized, disregarded. anguished and I curl up at night in a void and think about the wounds which will not heal. I search inside for a purporse, to reinvest my nergies, to find the courage that will allow me to carry on, but I am no longer whole, I feel so tired and drained

    In simply words I am just empty.

    I really hope these chapters will serve to raise awarness for others and maybe one day she will read all this too, and finally understand.

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    Hi Enrique,

    Some of the things you write are exceptional. Parts of your "Chapter 4" are downright poetic and deeply touching when read in the right frame of mind. If you wrote a book, I would buy it.

    You may feel empty, emotionless and like your spark has gone. But, I find it hard to believe that is true - after all, you express a depth of emotion that only one who is or has been depressed could possibly understand.

    In any case, I am certainly not in a position to give anyone advice or to talk anyone into or out of anything. I just wanted to say that your writings are touching, eloquent and valuable, and that I'm certainly and Enrique fan.
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    would i be right in saying they'll be 3 more chapters
  4. You are right, there will be 3 more chapters, then On Monday (Australian time) I will head overseas to my final destination.

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