3 hours sleep max per night

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by SteKelly1, Apr 4, 2015.

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  1. SteKelly1

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    I guess people are on this forum because they suffer from depression... unless there are other reasons? I am not sure.

    Does anyone else just lie in their bed at night crying? I get 3 hours sleep max. I go to bed at 11pm (I am just about to go before sending this!) My mother wakes up at 6am for Work. 5 days per week I am still up and crying when she is awake... I have tried everything. sleeping pills (to get me asleep and nothing else). I have tried talking to a doctor but this isn't me. I am the quietest boy in the world. During my life, I have learned myself on my own and battled through on my own. I don;'t know what to do anymore.
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    Hi, welcome to forum. You are suffering from depression and the symptoms you describe is usual. You have nothing to worry about and its very common. You must stay strong and seek medical advice as soon as possible. You need to have some medical intervention in order to get some sleep. Your doctor needs to listen to you as the lack of sleep will affect your day to day activity.

    Do not act on any urges as YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND NEVER FORGET THAT. Life is important and that includes you. Just think, someone somewhere is caring to show that world is not a bad place. I know life is hard for you but have to be strong.
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  3. Tjh

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    Why are you crying yourself to sleep every night, Kelly?
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