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    Heartbreak so bad

    I met you a while ago, you were so sweet.
    You made me feel special, i couldn't wait to see you again.
    You would hug me tight and you're blue eyes would glem
    everytime i saw you.

    You're beautiful long blonde would sway from side to side,
    when you walked over to me. You told me you weren't ready
    for a relationship but you liked me, i understood and was still
    myself. Then you told me you didn't like me no more you threw
    my heart on the floor.

    It ached so bad, i cried this heartbreak was so bad i could hardly
    sleep. I was thinking of you all the time, and i still love you. But
    it's not going to happen, which has made my heart break more.

    I saw you, i died inside that i cried so bad i didn't care anymore
    what people thought, i just felt this pain shoot through my heart.


    I see everynight a vision of you, this unreal vision ignores me like
    you do, it looks sad and it won't even talk, like you won't neither.
    I guess it's comfront because i miss you so much. This vision has
    took my imaginary friend away now he won't come back, instead
    i see you dressed in black, you scare me, you make me cry i don't
    know what to do.

    I guess....

    I've been shattered, this pain i cannot hide, This is all going to end
    with Suicide.

    This poem is about a boy who messed me about :(
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