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3 weeks left.of study


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I have three weeks left of my Diploma. I am currently working in industry of Mental Health. Once I finish my course I will be changing my place of employment as soon as possible.

This means that for the last 2.5 years I have been living and not just surviving. I use to hate talking about myself in that way and still find it hard but it is the cold hard truth. I have spent 19+ years trying to survive and time trying not to survive also.

I felt with severe mental illness for all my early teens and 20's I didn't finish school, was never able to hold down a job for long. Sometimes could hardly even go to my many weekly appointments to just keep me alive, even if they did come to me.

However I have now seen life from living and holy *explicit* I didn't even know this life was possible. Never did I think i would be able to complete study plus work part time for two years! I have now got my licence something I was so scared to do before. I am in a place I know myself well enough to know what I need and when I need it. I am thankful my path has taken me down a road where I am able to help and support people who are experiencing mental distress.
I never dreamed possible the person I am now.

I use to hate when people would tell me it gets better. Because at times it felt like it would never end and only get worse. So i understand.

But their is hope. I promise the hard work you put into yourself will pay off. It won't be easy, and is different for everybody. It does not mean I don't suffer any mean it just means I have learnt to live with it the best I can and do my best to take breaks when I need.

I may not be on here as much now. Working with people and needing down time away from others because it helps me recharge can make it difficult to keep up. Study will be finished soon but that means putting myself out their.

I was you to know I am thinking of you all always. I will never forget you or the community, I will still be here not as much. Please keep me updated how you are if you want. Xxxxx

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