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    Some days, most days; I'm strong. I think about you and I smile. I reflect on how much of a blessing you are. I remember your smile, your laugh, the way you'd say silly things and your whole face would light up. I remember the shine in your eyes when you told me we would always be friends. I remember how nothing changed after the breakup. I remember your hugs. and I smile.
    Sometimes before I fall asleep I close my eyes and think about you and I swear for just a second I can hear your laugh again.
    I remember that beautiful head of hair, falling out in clumps before you shaved it all off. I remember the whole guys cross country team showing how much they cared by shaving their heads. I remember the tears streaming down your face when you got to practice the next day. You were so very loved, and we were so very blessed.
    Some days, every day; I'm happy for you. Happy that you are in Heaven. Safe with our Lord. I never have to worry about you being in pain again. Never have to worry about how the chemo is making you sick. I feel you all around me so often, it's truly a comfort.
    Some days, not every day; I get angry. why us? why you? I see other people happy with their boyfriends, full of laughter and smiles. Those are the days I pray for serenity.
    I've been thinking about you a lot tonight and just wanted to share my thoughts, they come out jumbled and unorganized I know but you get it :)

    What a blessing you are Andrew, I will always love you! ♥
  2. Sadeyes

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    I am so sorry for your loss...Andrew sounds like he was such a good person, and you such a good friend...yes, that is truly a blessing
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    Andrew sounds like one of those special people we never get enough time with.

    RIP Andrew
  4. soonerorlater

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    Thanks, Sadeyes. I just wish more people had gotten to experience how truly great he was.

    and 1lefty, yes. He is. I will never forget the look in his eyes the last time I saw him. He was so strong, not afraid of death or dying.

    Sometimes I can feel him laying next to me as I fall asleep, and I know that he is there. It is always the special ones that die too young.
  5. Petal

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. :hug:
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    That is so sweet, im sorry for your loss he sounds like he was a very good person. It is true the best ones always die young
  7. LittleOne

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    I would like to know more of your story. It sounds so touching and beautiful and painful. Was the breakup because of the illness?