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    Times like these I know who I can trust, and that'd be like what...nobody?
    People making up shit just to try and get at me somehow, it's completely ridiculous.
    People saying that I am somehow the like, evil mastermind who planned this or something.
    Telling me I tell people what to say to others, when really, my input has no influence on anyone, anyway.
    They could, always ask me. But I guess that would be what, too easy?
    It's sad that no one is allowed to have fun anymore, that people can't take jokes and only see bad in people, or things.
    'Cause I'm like, totally the evil one, right?
    Eh, whatever.
    It's not like I try and hurt people, I really don't.
    But apparently like, everything I do is considered evil and malicious, which makes me wonder why the hell I'm still around, anywhere.
    It just hurts, that like, everyone feels the need to judge any situation without asking, automatically condemning someone that they think is the bad one to death, or whatever.
    It just hurts to think that I tried to get to know and trust people, and have them trust me, or not, and that this is how it ends up. I guess that shows me that I really shouldn't open myself up anymore. :dunno:

    ( Disclaimer: And this is totally not going to make sense to anyone but myself, so don't worry. :laugh: And, NO, it has nothing to do with anyone or anything on this forum, please don't flatter yourself. :no:)
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    :hug: hun

    here if you want to talk
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    :hug: Edward Sausagehands
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    this thread got me thinking.
    alot of people say thinking and hearing about other people worse off than you is suppose to make you feel better.
    but if you feel good at seeing people suffering, dosnt that feed your sadistic side?

    if you all get what im trying to say