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    i need to say this. i can't not. i'll go insane. i cant turn to anyone anymore though. i feel so trapped. i can't do anything, because people will think that i'm about to go kill myself again and because i'm underage certain other people need to know, which i don't need because it will complicate things and make things worse at home. and i don't want that. why can't they understand that i can look after myself, even though i still cut, and am sometimes suicidal. i'm not GOING to die. and even with cutting. i don't cut half as often as i used to... so isn't it progress?

    i just feel trapped though. i'm scared that even though i'm coping now, i won't be coping later, because i cant say anything because it means that my parents will have to know about it. and it's essential that they don't know, and most people agree with me but the ones who don't agree with me won't listen.

    i can't do anything to vent because if i do that then what if someone finds out and thinks that im doing more than just venting? they'll get all worried all over again. and we'll be back at square one... more time stuck in an office being grilled and getting asked questions that i dont want to answer but have to.

    it's not fair. i hate being a kid.
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    Hi :hug:

    I hear what you're saying about being underage and having no trust in adults and not being able to talk to anyone.

    Who has made you feel so trapped and have mistaken your self harming for suicide attempts-who has lost your trust?

    You do sound like you want to be heard for your feelings/emotions rather than your cutting.

    Have you tried saying to the people involved who are in your care that you're scared of their reaction, that you're scared of having no one to turn to because they don't hear your feelings but rather go OTT about your cutting, that you feel that this would be a detriment to your home situation and how unhelpful they are being? It's okay to say these things to the people who are supposed to be in your care.
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