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  1. Some days I just wish I would never wake up,
    So I can pretend I'm made up,
    Hiding behind this mask, of makeup,
    These feelings too strong, never letting up,
    Which is why I cant belong,
    Never right, always wrong,
    Socially incapable, can never get along...

    I'm just a fable,
    A story, with no existing moral,
    Lines that are fake, no allegory,
    A Tale of fiction, truth lays in between the lines,
    Just a story, of a ghosts, self affliction and, drug addiction.
    A drama without a happy ending,
    Wounds never mending, A lifeline wasted, defending...

    Sometimes it feels this world is crashing down,
    Can never escape, smashing me to this town,
    I'm a amature, in this game I cannot win,
    You're reading to fast, consuming my sins.
    Falling in this abyss with no light for you to read,
    This game that is inevitable, to succeed,
    Just set it on fire, theses are words, that will not inspire...

    Living without Cause, these fingers clawing into my face,
    Substance abuse, causing withdrawals,
    Feeling so high, but emotions, feeling so down,
    Hang my head high,only to jump down, staring at this star lit sky,
    My life a lie, held by this noose around my neck,
    Dangling, from this tree, confronting all the abuse
    My life swaying back, and forth, a cowards escape put forth.

    This is just a dream, floating on and on, never remembered,
    A story book, with pages over looked,
    A tale, nothing more then a fable,
    Not a moral or a parable,
    Just a story of a life, lived unbearable,
    Just a ghost, not memorable,
    Just a kid, that went on, forgettable...

    Now it's time to wake up,
    Realize these problems are not made up,
    Stuck in this mask, it's not made up,
    Stuck in this world wishing I could get out,
    Stuck in this city, with no exit signs,
    Wishing he could give up, his life resign,
    His Life....
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    Awesome, I really liked the first verse :)
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