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35 bodies dumped in broad daylight.

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Cartel thugs at it again. Stopped traffic in broad daylight to get rid of 35 bodies in front of stalled cars. I have to mention though that all of whom were killed had ties to organized crime and are believed to be part of the Zetas, Mexico's largest, fiercest, and most brutal cartel gang. The Gulf Cartel is just "upping the ante" to what the Zetas are know for doing, hanging dead bodies over bridges, leaving dismembered bodies out in the street, cutting the heads off their victims. None of these cartel gangsters show any remorse to their victims, as their victims wouldn't show any remorse to them if they were the ones who were captured, it's just vicious thugs killing vicious thugs at the end of the day.

I have to say they're very creative lol; pura vidaaaa


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Mexico is a very dangerous place.

Body count is growing - and nobody is safe - politicians, lawyers, judges, cops - anyone with money - easy to kidnap someone close and earn a lot of cash very fast.

Tourists seem safe - but given the drug gangs make a fortune off the never ending trail of Americans looking for the sex and drugs - killing them would be silly.

Today they killed some editor of a newspaper - decapitated I think.

That's the sort of stuff which happens in Iraq or Afghanistan!

From the BBC....

"The body of Maria Elizabeth Macias, the editor of Primera Hora newspaper, was found next to a threatening message.

The police said the message had been left by a criminal gang.

Two weeks ago, the bodies of a man and a woman were hung from a bridge with a message warning people not to report drug violence on social networks."

The man and women were very young - said something on face-book or twitter about dead bodies in the street - they were tortured also before being hung up. Seems like many are tortured prior to the death.

I can see why Americans worry about this - its on their doorstep and with no real border control - its a problem because the gangs will follow the drugs - and those black gangs - some are 'powerful' but they stand no chance against the new immigrants who are more hungry and who see American jails as easy compared to the hell-holes in Mexico. Europeans who see the inside of these jails - are horrified! But for Mexicans - its just normal to see gangs with guns in a jail! In the UK - very rare a gun gets smuggled in.

Some areas of Mexico - teachers pay half the wage to gangs ( - and the other week - over 50 people got burnt or asphyxiated in a daylight attack on a casino in which an armed gang - including a cop (who wife just got killed) set the place on fire - with people inside. Not sure if inept safety laws allowed the doors to be locked (fire exits locked = backward thinking really)

I guess the drug gangs in Mexico are more powerful than the cops - but like many third world nations - only the military really keeps things from descending into something bad.

The tipping point might be the various political rebel groups - some powerful - teaming up with the cartels or maybe being able to terrorise them into paying up and so on.

Now the middle classes are being targeted - a newspaper editor decapitated - well if this was England we'd have to have a civil war and no mistake about it. 28,000 people or more have died in drugs-related violence since 2006! - That is like a 9/11 happening every few months. Inly its your own people doing it openly and pinning notes to the victims bodies - something journalists fear reporting.


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"Seems like many are tortured prior to the death"

Definitely, torture is almost expected if you are captured by a rival gang, decapitations are extremely common and are done primarily to show force and instill fear in their enemies, which is why they video tape it a lot of times. But their forms of torture range from dismembering their body parts while they are still alive, repeated beatings over the body with a blunt object, bone tickling (use your imagination for that one), setting them on fire up to their torso, castrations, cutting off breasts, removing hearts, throwing victims into containers filled with acid, and from what was seen recently...skinning their faces while they are still alive.


"Some areas of Mexico - teachers pay half the wage to gangs"

Yep, in this link is a picture on the left of a man that was killed outside of an elementary school, when gangsters opened fire at kids during dismissal. Also, the link gives a full description of exactly what's going on between the teachers and the gangsters.

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