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hun try to lie down okay even if you just rest it is better then staying up try okay so your mind has some rest some energy to get thru test hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:


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Yes, I'm wake - but I'd only tell you to revise - or have a light snack, a shower and then try to sleep for a few hours so you are alert tomorrow.

Make sure you have a good breakfast also - or a dinner if the exam is in the afternoon.

What exams are you taking by the way?

Good luck regardless - and I guess telling people to sleep always makes them stay awake so I'll not lecture you like your parents would do - but I'm tired myself so you would be talking to yourself.

I'd bore you to sleep.

See - its worked - your green light has gone out and your getting nice and recharged so you can wake up tomorrow - do those exams - and come back tomorrow night and hopefully tell us you felt ok.

Best of luck.
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