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3rd time why wont it work..emberasing

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Hey, Now this is the 3rd time ive tried to stab myself, and ive been constantly
cutting my body anywhere i can think of a major vein..my thighs wrists even the inner joint of my elbow where i take my heroine injections...but back to the stabbing..yesterday at about 12 o'clock at night i felt the need to grab my dads combat knife and stab myself for the third time in the the arm just to let the pain bleed away but all i could think about was my girl...but i was so scared for the 3rd time that i urinated all over myself and my heart was pounding so fast that i also had one of the biggest erection of my life and to my demise my mom found me in the bathroom with an erection and a knive halfway in my shoulder...the next day i was sent to the psychiatrist with my parents who think that cutting my self arouses me...maybe it does...maybe i do want to die that badly


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First off, hi. I think that doing unnatural things to your body can result in unnatural effects. I get erections at the weirdest times. Maybe you are turned on by that, but theres also a big possibility that it happened because your mind doesn't know what the fuck is going on. Honestly, I would go with the latter. I think you would know if you were turned on or not. And if your not sure, then you're probably not. Doing the whole stabbing thing seems rather painful. I personally wouldn't want to go out that way.
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