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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by death dies hard, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. First was a jump XXXX all i got was a large piece of flint stone close to my occipital lobe now just have a scar in the shape of a star which my friends call me lucky star for.

    second a fistful of XXXX just got an awful taste and 15 weeks of treatment.

    third XXXX (dont ever try it taste so bad like my inlaws tea) dont remember the rest as i passed out just after drinking it after effect is more or less what you expect slight voice change.

    Attempted to cut it away got stoped by a friend half way through.

    the reason im here now (new member) im thinking of taking all XXX at once trying to hold off though ment to get married in next few days.
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    Pretty much all modern anti-depressants are designed not to kill you. I took an extremely large number of a couple and here I am to tell the tale. It seems you have something to live for right now, so it would be a shame to throw your life away.
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    You obviously are a lucky star. There is a reason why you didn't succeed. I think its' up to you to find it.

    Please seek professional help and be serious about it. Its the ONLY thing thing that has helped me deal with my thoughts. I still get them, but I'm better prepared to handle them.

    So can you.
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