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  1. paintedsmile

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    everything is my head is like a tornado of things,that sometimes conflict

    I lose moments in time
    I don't recognize who I am,where I am,or who people are sometimes
    I feel like an alien to this world,it's all unreal,and non existent
    I can't stop crying,I can barely do basic things for myself,everything is so dead to me,to depressed to even eat
    I can't concentrate and falling so far behind in school..and it's my senior year
    I can hear all the voices getting louder in my head and it get's hard to breathe
    I can hear people thoughts,they hate me so much

    There's so much more..i don't know how to say
  2. rootedphoenix

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    :( Depression takes so much out of you.
    I don't hate you at all. But it's so easy to believe that. I have that problem myself, the feeling that everyone hates me. :( It feels awful.

  3. paintedsmile

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    yeah it does:sad:

    thanks for replying..it's been a long day:hug:
  4. Dave_N

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    Maybe a hug will help. :hug: