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$412 co-pay for Rexulti


SF Cat Lady
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My pdoc has had me on this (I think I spelled it right). I'm not sure if its helping or not, but dang look at that co-pay!

Of course I can't afford that and she'll have to continue to provide samples or give me yet another med change.

The US health care system is seriously broken, especially Medicare.


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Contact the maker as sometimes they have programs to help financially.

Yes our for profit "healthcare" systems is terrible


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It is a crime against humanity in my opinion. Many ppl die here because of this evil healthcare system. It isn't covered by the media of course. Life is supposed to be a "right" here and it is a lie! If u don't have money u can't get help. There is no medicaid in my state if not certified disabled (which takes years) or have kids under 18. No help AT ALL. No Obamacare help if u have no income. U have to make at least 12k a year! Nice huh! The subsidies are not available if unemployed etc... It's a crime! Other states do help tho.

There are changes this year to my meds that I cannot afford. I can't live without them and that is exactly what they want. When I called Obamacare terrified because they wanted $833 for a drug at the pharmacy I paid $45 for 15 years. I told the supervisor that I will die without this med. She was so rude and said, " Ya, I hear that all the time." Nice, huh? There was no time to apply for programs and no help! If a relative wouldn't have helped I'd be dead and I'm sure numerous ppl are since the changes this year. But many ppl have always died here due to lack of care, u just don't hear about it of course. Sorry about the rant. I am very upset about all of this. Sorry u are having a hard time too.

There are programs but u have to be in poverty to qualify. Contact the manufacturer of the drug. Hope u are doing okay texaskitty. Take care


Everything Zen
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That's insanity. Come back and let us know what happens with this fiasco.


SF Cat Lady
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Don't see the pdoc until next Tuesday, there was a scheduling mistake.

Thanks for caring


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I take Rexulti and get samples from my doctor. I know it helps me and also will be in trouble if the samples can no longer be provided. I already had a med taken away because I could no longer get samples. Eventually it will happen with this one. I've learned, samples aren't forever. If Rexulti is not working for you I would recommend not depending on samples. Best of luck.

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