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42yr farther of 3 hurting so bad

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I'm married 42 year old farther of 3 and my whole world has fallen apart can't gon anymore. Just hurts so bad. Don't have the strength just want to sleep and not wake up. Evrything reminds me of how happy life was only less then a year ago. Just want to go back. Everything Just want to back there again. How did I get here. Just so effed up now. Just want to go. Just so painful.


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Hi and welcome...when you are comfortable, please tell us what got you to this point...I am sure there are many people here who will be able to relate...welcome again, J


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welcome to Suicide forum.. if you can maybe a few details of your life now and what has happened in the last year to you and your family.. we do not judge or bite even a tiny bit.. i am a father of a 35 yr old austisic son johnny.. say that cause i realize what a responsiblity your kids are for you and how very much you want things to be good for them and you..

stay safe and know you are very welcome here.. tc, Jim


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Hey! Welcome to SF!

If you don't mind me asking, what has happened to you/your family in the last year that's overwhelming you?

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Hi hun i do hope you have reached out to a professional You deserve help hun so get it okay YOur children need you here hun with them so please get some support okay When you are ready please post again let us know what happen so we can help you as well okay hugs
Hey man,

I am a father of 1 and I also want to go back in time to when life seems better. All I can say is that I know what it is like to feel bad. Hopefully you come back to this site and read and respond. I hope I do, too!

Life can suck, and it does for me right now. It's tough.

All the best, man.

Yeah, I didn't give any details on my situation. I didn't think it was necessary here.
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