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    you're my dad, and you change your phone number, so i can't contact you, but you don't tell anyone. how do you think it feels to call up and hear that your number is no longer in use, and has not been recognised? you did it to get back at mum. i know you did, you don't give a damn about your kids. just so you know, i called you earlier, to say i'd booked my train tickets, and that i was coming up tomorrow to spend a week with my dad, because even though you walked out on us i still care about you and love you very much. but i'll cancel those now, as i clearly mean nothing to you. all you care about is your drink. you didn't give a damn about walking out on us christmas eve, because you had your whisky and that's all you needed. i don't know who i can trust anymore, your my dad and you've cut off contact with me. i must be such a hateful person. so hi dad, i'm not very well and have to go for a zillion blood tests. i walked out of my job because i was being bullied. only 2 of my friends have contacted me in the past month. i'm really lonely and i'm hurting. but you'll never know now. just please, be there for vicky. she needs you. even if you think i don't. you've torn our family apart. 29 years of marriage meant nothing to you when you had a drink in your hand. now that's all you've got. i don't want or need anyone in my life right now. i just want to be alone. for good.
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    massive huge :hug:
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    :( sorry hun :hug: wish there was more i could say :unsure: ...
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    oh n vicky calls you and asks and you say no and hang up. what kind of dad are you?! you've ripped our family apart you have no idea what you've done. you selfish pig. :cry2: you've ruined everything. why don't you give damn, i can't trust anyone anymore.
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    Hey Laurey :(

    I'm sorry. I am here if you want to talk. Just PM or text :hug: