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    How do I make people understand the desperate place I'm in right now? Make them understand how bad it is? Make them see before it's too late and I disappear!!!!! I dont know what to say anymore or how to ask anymore. Cuz it always feels like I'm intruding or wasting their time. But damn it I'm asking I hardly ever do but I am. I just dont know!!!!!
  2. shades

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    I've seen many of your posts and know that you've helped many others here! Are the people you're talking about outside SF? Because if it's at SF, I'm available for a pm any time you want to vent or share.

    Let us help you!

  3. Petal

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    Hi Carla,

    I'm not sure:unsure: but I think if it's outside of SF, you're probably going to have to spell it out for them and get the help you need. People that aren't suffering can't understand the extent of the pain you're going through:sad: unless you make it clear.
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    ...and people are often very afraid of others' pain and suffering, especially if it someone they know. "If it can happen to [name], it could happen to me," could be their reasoning.

    So, yes, sometimes you do have to spell it out - maybe over and over - until they get it. And if they don't get it, then go to others who do understand - like today when you've reached out here, where you are understood and supported. :hug:
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    Hey Carla,
    I feel your pain and I know what you are going thru..You know I am always here for you.. You told me you don't like to burden others. Well you are no burden.. I care deeply what you are going thru and you know you can always talk to me..
    You are my friend and I cherish that.. Don't ever feel you can't come to me and vent your anger.. I told you before that I will listen and offer what advice I can, if I have none then I would tell you straight up..Please talk to me and don't do anything rash..I am your friend until you decide you don't want me anymore..Love You Bunches!!! Joseph
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    I always feel like people don't understand how I feel but I think most people here have all been in that same sort of suffering.
    And sometimes it's painful to reach out but you know we're all here if you need us. And my PM box is always open. You're not wasting anyone's time. It is a privilege to help someone else going through a rough time.
    A lot of the time when I am trying to help someone through a rough time I am saying things that I need to hear as well.

    love you Carla :heart: