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  1. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    I hate my fucking sister.

    She ruins everything. Always.

    Has absolutely no life outside of ME, MY ACTIVITIES, and MY LIFE!

    Does nothing but antagonize me, and I'm fucking sick of it.
  2. flowerpot

    flowerpot Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, i hope she leaves you alone
    Maybe ask your parents or something, or even her if she can just stop?
  3. Elle.

    Elle. Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know what you mean.. and I've got 2..

    The youngest simply gets away with everything cuz shes the youngest 'ow our little girl couldnt have possibly just done such a thing' then I get blamed for lieing. in school she walks passed me as if she doesnt know me with her stupid 'popular' friends and sometimes even flicks a finger at me n laughs. she steals my clothes.. and I cud keep going but need to talk about my other sister:

    Shes the oldest child.. so again 'ah shes oldest, she knows whats best for you so just listen to her' my mom absolutely ALWAYS lets my sister influence her decisions. If i want to go somewhere, date or jst meet up with someone, or have something..my sister gets either jealous or simply dominating and does everything in the power of speech to persuade my mom ..she subtly ruins my life.

    Got an older brother aswell who used to strangle me and ht me with battery chargers (the huge heavy old fashion ones) but me n him are fine now because of the power of music:) we got to be friends cuz we are the musical ones in the family....

    anyway what I rly wanna say with this rambling is.. you're not alone in this and good luck. I hope things 'll get better. Im here for a chat if ya ever need one hu

  4. Maaso

    Maaso Well-Known Member

    How old is she? Maybe she is always around you because she things your the coolest thing ever and idolizes you?
  5. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    She's 18, 2 years older than myself.

    The description makes her sound like a 12 year old, doesn't it? Completely immature.