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    I've been really depressed for about 3 years now I used to be a normal teen girl, I went to school, had a group of friends, went out with friends after school and had sleepovers ect Then in 2006 I moved school(I thought it would be better for me) (New school, new friends, supposed to be no bullying) In my new school, I got to hang out with the "quiet, geeky" kids(Which I really don't mind, Thats more my clique) But none of us ever became close friends, 2 got me in trouble with the police, the rest ignored me, and one is too quiet and wont go out anywhere, then I find out my friends from my old school are 2 faced My grades have gone down bad, I used to be in the top set and got mostly B's, now I don't even want to mention what I got on my GCSE mocks, I didn't even bother taking them beacuse of that.

    3 years after moving my first school I'm left suicidal and alone, my family ignore me, I have no friends, I have no self esteem or confidence, making friends is impossible, I went to college last year, made a friend straight away, but she wasn't a friend, she left me outside her house in winter for half an hour whilst her parents were saying to her to let me in, when I had to go home, when she got off the bus, she just blanked me

    I wanted to be a forensic scientist but thats almost impossible to get into, so I want to be in a band instead, I have for years, I wanted Guitar lessons back when I was 14, but they wouldn't take me, I'm going to do music in college in sep, but I'll go and be that pathetic little kid that doesn't even know how to play guitar. I wanna go to concerts but I have no-one to go with My family don't have a social life either, so I'm just stuck in by myself because even my family don't wanna know.

    My mum said ask people online if their from nottz to see if I can make friends that way with the same interest but no-one is from here and if they are, they're gonna think I'm sad
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    Wow I had such similar circumstances at your age too! Made me sad to hear as it brought up old pain. I am in the US but we can be online friends if you like. I am older but hey I went through the whole move/change school thing, worked in rock and roll, deal with depression/suicide and hey I care!
    Hang in there...it will get better and there is hope and help here.
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    Sorry to bring up old pain for you :sad:
    & Sure :]