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Outsider in the Realm of Lost and Found
We are here for you, @Caleb4BLUE.... or Caleb, if you want.
At the mean time, how about "blue" in different languages (via Google Translate):
  • Bleu/Bleue (French)
  • Azul (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • 'Azraq (Arabic)
  • Kapuyt (Armenian)
  • Mavi (Turkish)
  • Niebieski (Polish)
  • Siniy (Russian)
  • Blau (German)
  • Blauw (Dutch)
  • Puleon (Korean)
  • Aoi (Japanese)
  • Sininen (Finnish)
  • Lán (Mandarin)
  • Xanh lam (Vietnamese)
  • Blu (Italian)

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