4th poem, devoted to user 'NoGood'

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    Small-Kate, if I've done anything at all since I've known you to hurt you, or make you think I'm a freak (though it's prob me being silly again as you had a migraine yesterday and today you are not well, something you ate?), I'm so sorry, hopefully this poem will make up for my flaws. This is for you, even though I'm exhausted and haven't slept the whole night, I'm going to type it because I care about us and our friendship. If you think I'm a freak and don't want to be my friend anymore I will understand. The stuff I gave you before was just garbage - this is the real thing. You're my best friend, whether I am yours or not *hug* You're in my heart as a magic, glowing ruby, and are more precious than the reddest lab-created or natural rubies, both to me and in the true scheme of things. This is for you Kate. =)

    Oceans of silver part dark clouds of grey

    I dream,
    That someday you will always have the best...

    Like tearful joys,
    Moonlit paths to warm oceans and cool forests,
    Rainbows over endless streams,
    And perfect health.

    I dream,
    That one day,
    I can take you anywhere you want to go,
    But that those places are not yet even possible to dream of,
    Let alone experience.

    I want to comfort you with waterfalls on a snowy day,
    Hot springs during gentle hail,
    Skyscrapers and mountains
    Reaching way past the clouds.

    I dream,
    That I could help you to do anything you ever dreamed of,
    Not just for a day,
    But for infinite lifetimes.

    I need to keep you from ever being in pain or darkness,
    And afraid.
    The only darkness that you should see,
    Is that eclipised by far better fireworks in the serene, starry sky,
    Than I think human beings will ever be capable of.

    People might say,
    That some day,
    All your troubles will disappear.
    That's not good enough for me.
    I want to make your scars disappear forever, the deepest ones.

    If my dreams were to all come true, then...
    I will be able to wrap up all your happy times with a bejewelled gold bow,
    Those that paint a positive parabola on your face
    (The corners of which stretch up into infinity),
    As well as the wishes for those which would ever occur -
    Even in your sweetest dreams;
    And no less than that will be your present every birthday,
    Each one of which will be ageless.

    I could ensure inner strength,
    Peace of spirit,
    Faith of the heart,
    AS WELL AS the luxurious art of being content!

    You would be able to find joy...
    In simple, unnoticed things,
    Because the wondrous things would be SO magical.

    Some day...

    You will be able to reach out and touch absolutely anyone who exists,
    Each with hugs and warmth to give away in abundance,
    Without being afraid of demons and terrors far worse than fear.

    If these things don't come true soon,
    Remember that you are a dream come true,
    Even if your dreams don't right now,
    But one perfect day,
    They will.

    I know that you will always know
    Almost how much you are loved and appreciated by the lucky ones,
    Lucky enough to have their inner hearts and lives touched by you,
    But I am sure,
    That until your deepest wishes are graced by a much better sun,
    You will not understand why you deserve far, FAR better
    Than the joker cards your curses dealt you.

    It's because you are a hero,
    With long forgotten nightmares,
    And bitterly sad dreams, also forgotten.

    You are my hero.

    * This poem is copyrighted to DrivEthermissIon. It may not be reproduced.
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    you are the sweetest Chrissy, thank you. That touched me.
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