5 days a week of verbal abuse

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Every Monday through Friday I am called either:

Goth, emo, freak, weird, a cutter, witch, a devil, monster, and pratically everyother horrible name under the sun.

These are done by people I know. One in fact is done by my best friend. She calls me goth and emo and she calls me a whore, and all I do is sink in my chair. She is only like that when she is angry so she decides to take it out on me. I am a quiet girl and I dont speak up.

I still may be in the 8th grade for another couple weeks, and they say Middle school is the worst, but it hurts. It makes me lie away everynight and cry. I'm very emotional and those names just ring in my ear and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing not one person where I live wants to be next to a girl because she wears black and stuff like that.

Teachers worry about me and always watch me. I work by myself a lot with all these things, and when someone calls me names the teacher doesn't do anything about it. This week I sat in my chair doing a quiz for french and some girl shouted out

'Deanna is a whore! She's emo! Look she cuts herself!' and no one stops her. One person told her 'Stop making fun of her.' and her response was 'I'm only stating something.' His reponse was 'You're making it kind of loud.' and what hurts me what she said was 'Yeah well everyone knows how weird she is. It deserves to be out loud nothings going to change. Even though she doesn't deserve anything said about her'

All I did was sit in my chair, with a red face and tears ready to trickle down my cheeks. The teacher only stared and said nothing of it. It doesn't sound bad to those who read this probably, but to me it hurts, a lot. It makes me think 'Hey, if everyone thinks this way, and if I leave would it be the same? Would they even care?' I just don't like being me.

5 days a week of verbal abuse sends me off the edge.
You remind me so much of my girlfriend.

She was shy, like you are, and didn't stand up for herself. She was called names and such, and it broke my heart to see it happen.

When I read your post, I had tears in my eyes when that girl called you a whore. That's not right. I'm proud of whoever the guy was that stood up to you, but if your teacher did nothing, that is just not right.

If it really does bother you that much, go to your parents, and if you can't for some reason, go to your guidance counsellor. Tell him/them that your teacher did nothing when this girl called your names. Confront your teacher, I know this may be hard, as you seem to be shy, but if you can sound firm, and in control of your tears when you do it, it will make your teacher think twice about letting things like that slide.

It does sound bad to me when I read it, if you need someone to talk to about your school troubles, PM me, I'll always answer.

One Who Listens..

Your teacher should lose his/her job for that, it sickens me that someone could be that callous to someone elses emotions.
Hun I'm sorry you're going through that. Bullying can really affect your self esteem and for your classmates to be shouting stuff out like that it's not nice at all.

I was at the front end of bullying for a good few years and the bullying only came to a complete stop a few weeks ago when I left school for good and nothing has happened since.

I was called all the names under the sun, made out to be a loner and lost a lot of my friends because of it. They taunted me every single day and made me fearful of going to school and it got so bad I actually contemplated ending my life because of it.

I don't think bullies realise how much they are hurting other people. I think if the bullies were at the front end of bullying they wouldn't cope to well but even if they could "handle it", it doesn't mean other people can too.

You shouldn't have to suffer like this and you don't need to go through this alone. Does your parents know about the bullying? Maybe even talk to a teacher? I know it's scary, or you think they won't help but they can help. If there's one thing most bullies are afraid of, that's authority and don't be scared of them... that's what they want.

I'm suprised that your teacher didn't step in to stop it when people in your class calls you horrible names or says horrible things, that's totally unacceptable and I think if you decide to speak to a teacher/parent about your bullying you should bring that up.

If they say horrible stuff to you again in class or in school in general try not to cry or look sad infront of them and don't hide your face. Instead try to show that it doesn't bother you and keep your face up and walk straight past them. I know it's hard, believe me I know but try it.

Remember we're here whenever you need to chat, vent or anything. :hug:
Teachers...are sometimes the spreader of rumours, the tattletale of lies, the monger of gossips and whatnot.

Trying to stand up for yourself will only bring your downfall in the end.

When you have no one to talk to, try writing all your feelings down, or just...detach yourself from your class.


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In the past I have always found getting my ass beaten to a pulp was much easier than being called names. But lucky for you I have been through something similar. I have found that by the time you reach College people just stop seeing you. There will come a time when it will stop. The only things you can do now are:
  • Just ignore it
  • Fight Back
  • Become a punching bag and not hear anything

In time it will be over, although for females I have found that the time will take much longer than for males. Just try to stick around things may not get good but being somewhere between good and bad is better than being bad I guess.... that is until later on in life... which is another topic all together.


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Good words. Good words.

Man, my dad always wanted me to use the following if I ever got verbed at, and it goes likea' a' this:

"Man, I was at the zoo...And this monkey was swingin'...hey, he got the same shoes as you!! Dude!! You're wearin' MONKEY shoes....wow..."

Then you could go on about how they were made of bananas, and how they were called slippers...or about how you'd hate to have to give them 'the slip', or something alike and comical.

Hope that helps someone..
- Henry


The biggest loser ever to live.
Reading what you wrote was very touching and it broke my heart, I almost cried reading what hell you go through in school. :sad:
You're already stronger than me for having stood that for so long, I don't know what I would have done.
Hate to say this, but I'm not sure if high school may be any better for you, it may actually be even worse. But maybe you'll also find a circle of friends that are like you, share your interests, etc.

And please forgive me for sounding ignorant, but I never knew that being called a goth or emo were insults. I thought they were just a certain group of people, a subculture. I know that only a minority of people in schools are "goth" or "emo" but isn't that number growing anyways? I'd think that there would be other people like you in middle school. I know there were a lot in my high school at least. Maybe you'll make a close circle of friends in high school, its a good possiblity.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm a loner myself, having pratically no knowledge of what people my age and teenagers do and such. :sad:

I only hope you never, ever have to go through that hell again in high school, good luck to you and please keep us updated on your status if you can.


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I understand where you're coming from.
I was bullied daily in school and was called similar names to you (although 'fat' and 'dyke' were also popular names for me :rolleyes: ).
What made it worse was that the kids who I thought would understand where I was coming from only made things worse.. The 'emo'/'goth' crowd would only say to me "Cutting isn't going to make you one of us, you know! You'll have to try harder than that". (Bastards :mad: ).
Anyway stopping it was easy in the end. I got a home tutor.
Obviously my family couldn't pay for it, but because I was mentally ill the Council payed for it because it counted as a medical reason for me not to be in school.
I know I shouldn't just assume this, but I think your living in America(?)... so i'm not really sure how it works over there.
I'd look into it though if I were you.
I was bullied mainly in primary school and in the earlier parts of high school. Im 5'10" so I was slagged of for being tall and skinny etc. I was also called a swat. There were only 8 girls in my class of 33, and I was the only one of them in the "top" groups so I stuck out. Being an only child too I didnt really know how to stick up for myself and I was really quiet and shy. When it came time to go to high school I was hysterical with fear at the though of going there so I went to a diferent high school form the one I was suppossed to attend. In high school I was slagged off for being into the alt scene (music and choice of clothes etc). By the time i was 15 though, for some reason I had enormous strength and i didnt let it get to me. People were scared by this and it stopped by about 3rd year.

I learned a lot from it. i never judge people and Im always try to help people whove been bullied. I councelled for Childline for a while about 2 years ago and it helped me face the past and turn it into something positive.

See once you leave school, you will be surprised, when you look back. The bullies are the pathetic ones. I see those who bullied me now, mostly idiots and cowards, with nothing to show for themselves. I had the last laugh in many ways, and Im sure you will too.

Make the teachers, your parents and your freinds listen to you and tell them how it makes you feel.

Im here to listen, any time you need me.

Good Luck

Janine xxx
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*sigh* - i also know how it feels- they don't even talk it on my back- they do it on my face- they keep staring at my wrist- some guys were bulling me trying to take my bandage off to see my cuts once-- damn people
people call me whore, emo, butter, goth, punk, satanist, freak, weirdo, nerd, creepy,bitch and idk what other names-

some people are just cruel i guess


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I was bullied a lot too. I went to a school where drugs was a big thing and this one kid who was like the biggest drugee there (and one of the most popular because of it) decided he wanted to fart on me while the teacher walked out of the room. At first I didn't know what he was doing and then he put his ass up and farted. Thats what he said anyway. I didn't actually smell anything but I know that shouldn't matter anyway. All I did was say that I didn't believe that he actually farted because I couldn't smell anything. Nice comeback right? Anyway, I think back on it now, and if he was right in front of me now, I would kill him. I swear I would. One of his 'friends' later was in another class of mine senior year. Everyday he would make a comment under his breath about how I'm jewish like jew bitch or something of the like. One day, I just decided I wasn't gonna take it and told myself the next time he made a comment like that, I was gonna pull him out of his chair and tell him to basically shut the fuck up. Naturally, he did say something and I did what I told myself I was going to. It was the first time that I actually initiated a fight. Nothing became of it but I swear he would have been severely damaged if he took a swing at me. I would never make the first swing (at least not then, but I don't know about now).


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thats what i get called , by my own mum i mean my own damn mum. i feel like doing more , and that threres no help because where i though there was help, threre wasnt beacuse the person where i though where i might find help is the person who puts me down.

anyway here i am rattling about me what about u. u should stand up. shout back. tell them to shut up or more colourful words. like fuck off and give them a dirty look when saying it. thats what i did.


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You sound a lot like me. Although, emo, fat, whore, loser, etc. are my names. Anyway, just tell them to shut the f*ck up and leave you alone. It doesn't always work though..
Awww, I'm here if you ever want to talk. I went through a lot of abuses when I was younger. I am more than willing to talk with you or just listen. If you'd like another friend, I am here hun! :hug: :hug:

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