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5 days a week of verbal abuse

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Every Monday through Friday I am called either:

Goth, emo, freak, weird, a cutter, witch, a devil, monster, and pratically everyother horrible name under the sun.

These are done by people I know. One in fact is done by my best friend. She calls me goth and emo and she calls me a whore, and all I do is sink in my chair. She is only like that when she is angry so she decides to take it out on me. I am a quiet girl and I dont speak up.

I still may be in the 8th grade for another couple weeks, and they say Middle school is the worst, but it hurts. It makes me lie away everynight and cry. I'm very emotional and those names just ring in my ear and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing not one person where I live wants to be next to a girl because she wears black and stuff like that.

Teachers worry about me and always watch me. I work by myself a lot with all these things, and when someone calls me names the teacher doesn't do anything about it. This week I sat in my chair doing a quiz for french and some girl shouted out

'Deanna is a whore! She's emo! Look she cuts herself!' and no one stops her. One person told her 'Stop making fun of her.' and her response was 'I'm only stating something.' His reponse was 'You're making it kind of loud.' and what hurts me what she said was 'Yeah well everyone knows how weird she is. It deserves to be out loud nothings going to change. Even though she doesn't deserve anything said about her'

All I did was sit in my chair, with a red face and tears ready to trickle down my cheeks. The teacher only stared and said nothing of it. It doesn't sound bad to those who read this probably, but to me it hurts, a lot. It makes me think 'Hey, if everyone thinks this way, and if I leave would it be the same? Would they even care?' I just don't like being me.

5 days a week of verbal abuse sends me off the edge.
You remind me so much of my girlfriend.

She was shy, like you are, and didn't stand up for herself. She was called names and such, and it broke my heart to see it happen.

When I read your post, I had tears in my eyes when that girl called you a whore. That's not right. I'm proud of whoever the guy was that stood up to you, but if your teacher did nothing, that is just not right.

If it really does bother you that much, go to your parents, and if you can't for some reason, go to your guidance counsellor. Tell him/them that your teacher did nothing when this girl called your names. Confront your teacher, I know this may be hard, as you seem to be shy, but if you can sound firm, and in control of your tears when you do it, it will make your teacher think twice about letting things like that slide.

It does sound bad to me when I read it, if you need someone to talk to about your school troubles, PM me, I'll always answer.

One Who Listens..

Your teacher should lose his/her job for that, it sickens me that someone could be that callous to someone elses emotions.
Hun I'm sorry you're going through that. Bullying can really affect your self esteem and for your classmates to be shouting stuff out like that it's not nice at all.

I was at the front end of bullying for a good few years and the bullying only came to a complete stop a few weeks ago when I left school for good and nothing has happened since.

I was called all the names under the sun, made out to be a loner and lost a lot of my