5 days to go ..Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 : The sense of disappointment

I 'd like to star this chapter by stating that I REALLY APPRECIATE the time and consideration people have when it comes to talking and helping to suicidal people,so this is not an attack on them.

I dont understand how come SOME people attack you with words, such as cowards, weak or selfish when you talk about how you feel...why is that?

I felt so disappointed when I reached out for help ( as everyone keeps saying) but what I found was people who have no time to make sure you are ok or want nothing to do with it or brand you as a selfish person.

Part of the final stage of suicide is that sense of disappointment you feel from those people who you consider very important in your life who tell you that you are weak / selfish or simply ignore you

Remember the best thing you can do when talking to a suicidal person, (REGARDLESS if you are suicidal or not), is just to listen to them, let them say what they need to say, then try put yourself in his/her shoes ....dont judge them ...you will get better results

I must say, this situation was part of my final push towards suicide ...

Dont let it happen to someone else


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Dark_chocolate - Don't let other people push you into feeling like this. If you reach out for help, you can expect to be disappointed. People are selfish...People are judgemental. It's just the way they are.

If you want to talk...PM or MSN me. Sometimes I'm at my computer...others I'm not. Please try to hang on a little longer.
I am sorry you were disappointed by someone when you finally chose to reach out for help. Please don't stop reaching. We are here to grab your hand and help you to get back on solid ground once again. I hope you will decide to stay and talk with us. There are many here who are good listeners. Don't give up. Try again. You are in my thoughts as you struggle. :hug:
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