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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by necrodude, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    that's all it's taken. writing this just to keep my self away from the glass in my bedroom. still haven't fully healed from last time. i don't even know why i'm trying to stop myself. if not this time then it'll be the next. i know i'll do it again. i can't seem to stop the anger towards myself for doing it which makes me want to do it more. thought my beard would hide the one on my face but it hasn't. i'm tired of fighting myself. the rage and bloodlust has gone, but now the despair and thoughts of just ending it have come back. it's a losing battle. please nobody pray for me because even the bible says "a kingdom divided amongst itself cannot stand." it's in one of the gospels. ARGH!!! that's what i want to scream right now. not even bleeding can help me now. i want to try and end it. i can't though. i'm scared i'm going to but there's an urge, like standing on something really tall and daring yourself to jump. i don't know what to do...
  2. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    Oh God, please don't cut yourself again with the broken glass necrodude. You have to resist the urge no matter how strong they might be.
  3. unidentifiable

    unidentifiable Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel. I cut and have suicidal thoughts too. I cut with really anything I can get my hands on. But I've gone three weeks without cutting. (My record is a month) And I know you can resist the urge. Just walk away. Stay away from the glass, or, better yet, throw it away. I know it's hard. I've thrown away razors and it just gets easier. How's your family life? Your friends? I'm sure they don't want you to hurt yourself. That's the only thing that gets me to stop and think. I don't want to hurt my best friend any more by hurting myself. And I know it's tempting and I know it's hard and frustrating and painful... but you Can do this. I'll be your friend if you want me too? We can fight this together. Please don't kill yourself. Please don't hurt yourself. We are all put on this earth for a reason and I care about you. Please don't go....
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