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5 Things I Love About Me


Guardian of the Human Spirit
For 11 years, I have lived a life of self-hatred and overwhelming, overwhelming shame, those kinds where you want to hide beneath your own skin. When every stare was a negative judgement to your physical appearance, when every smirk was a way to show disgust to my existence. Below, I try very hard to list things I love about myself.

  1. I am strong. I have gone through huge amounts of pain in the past and despite leaving scars and marks and blemished feelings, I go through day after day. Some days I am crawling and barely inching forward, but I still chose to breathe.
  2. I appreciate humour. I think a life without humour is dull. Humour brings joy to undesirable things.
  3. I am empathetic. I feel people's pain. Even though, sometimes it might feel more like a burden than a strength but I choose to see it as an invisible link that brings me closer to another broken soul.
  4. I forgive. I forgive the people who have left me, who have hurt me and not own up to it. Who have said they will be with me yet the next day tell me, I have to to walk this journey on my own.
  5. I am honest. I write with feelings and real raw emotions. I write my experience so others don't need to feel alone, for others to feel less bad about themselves, for others to seek inspiration.


Swills Soup
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Great thread idea. But it's challenging. I guess that's what makes it good.

1. I'm honest
2. I'm strong. Much stronger than I ever suspected in my youth.
3. I don't give a flying fuck about most things that many people kill themselves about.
4. I take one day at a time, because I understand that's all anyone is ever given.
5. I can laugh at myself. (that should have been the first one)


Well-Known Member
Yes, It is a great idea. I need to do something like this for my self-esteem.

1. I consider I am strong. I battled with a difficult mental illness. I had hallucinations and deliriums and that was a hard episode of my life. Of course, people don't have to struggle with that to see that they are very strong. But when something like this happens to you and then years after you get back your sanity, you realise how strong you are.
2. I am empathetic. I like to understand others and help them if I can.

Well. from now, I find it hard to list more but I will try. Sometimes I think I don't know myself enough.

3. I am funny.

4. I am tolerant.

5. I am well-mannered, I guess. Lol


Swills Soup
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Everyone reading these should be hitting the "like" on them. This is a tough thread. Show these cats some love, ya'll :) Too tough for me cause I'm a weak ass loser.
Things I love about Walkerbait
1. He has a cool profile pic
2. He calls 'em like he sees 'em
3. He has a good sense of humor
4. He won't mind if I don't make it to five things


Teddy Bear Fanatic
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This is tough.
1- I must be strong as I have thought about killing myself since high school and am my 60's now; have never attempted
2- Have a sense of humor, not as good as it once was, but still have it.
3- Go to work 5 days a week, even though I hate it. I need the money.
4- I absolutely love teddy bears
5- Everyday brings me closer to death, one way or the other.
A very good idea!
Hm, I'll try.

1. I am funny and have a sense of humour, can laugh about myself
2. I am empathic and care about other people
3. I value art, music, literature, any form of expression
4. I like to sing
5. I am honest. I used to lie and be not authentic a lot during my eating disorder and I have changed that and it's something I am proud of.


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Thanks for posting this @Melby it's a great exercise. We should do it everyday @Telephone why not!
1. I'm open minded to other people's thoughts, ideas and points of view. I devour documentaries on any subject and read books so I can learn as much as possible. Then I can decide what I think and feel about the world, and at the same time not be afraid of competing ideas.
2. I make a conscious effort to not be judgmental and try to put myself in other people's "shoes." Who am I to assume how someone else's life experiences or background has affected them? Kindness is one thing all human beings can have in common, if we choose to.
3. I laugh easily and honestly. Even if your joke isn't funny, I will laugh because you made the effort. Humor is courageous IMHO.
4. I appreciate the beauty and importance of nature. If I couldn't see it, smell it or be near it I'd go crazy.
5. I love my cat and treat him like the person he is. His life is important because he trusts me with it, and how could I not love him for that.

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