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  1. ZombiePringle

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    I have been thinking back on my life and I have realized I was a wreck when I first signed up on here and have had my moments of false happiness where I feel that maybe I finally overcame my "issues." Fact is nothing changes for me. I always go back to feeling hopeless and worthless. I never overcome my illnesses, physical or mental. I know in my heart that I cannot last much longer. Something will give out on me... whether it's my mind and I end up just taking that one step too far or my body and I succumb to an asthma attack or whatever else is wrong with me physically.

    There is only so much a person can handle over time. I feel like I have reached my limits and then some.
  2. W Miller

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    Do you have an inhaler?
  3. ZombiePringle

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    Yes and no. I have to borrow partial ones from people because my insurance is horrible and barely pays for my medicines. And with me having no money ever I cannot afford my medicine.
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    Do whatever you need to do. Sorry, don't borrow one - take it if you can, and keep it.

    Counting to 10 really helps me with my asthma. Anxiety, and stress, try to meditate if possible.
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    The biggest issue now is my insurance does not cover my preventative meds that I have taken for 13 years. The meds that usually prevent me from being hospitalized for a week. The few times I have been without them in the past few years I have ended up in the hospital for about a week.
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    Talk to your doctor then your doc can fill out a forum and the drug manufacturers will sometime cover cost of meds you need ok but doc has to fill out form
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    Yes I have heard about what total eclipse has said but I am not in the USA so not sure how it works but definitely worth a try, there is a tablet called singular that prevents asthma attacks (I'm on it) also on multiple inhalers. Try what TE has suggested, no harm in trying, good luck :hug:
  8. W Miller

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    BTW - Petal, I'm on singular. I just forget to take it. That is bad. Rescue inhaler is the most important right now. ZP. Focus on that if you can not get on singular. Last choice, is a steroid. That is really cheap.