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5 years

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5 years ago I got a a women pregnant, I know it was my own faukt but I was young and stupid. She already had 2 older kids and at first it deemed as if things would be great. She's 8 years older and now I find I have nothing in common with her. I want to do things she doesn't. I spend all the time either at work or sleeping, there is no physical contact between us and I can't see a way out. Lately I find myself either uncontrolably angry or just crying.

I've tried to talk how I feel but my way to deal with things has been to keep my feelings deep inside and now I think all I've kept hidden is about to break out. I have managed to alienate myself from all my friends and relatives and have noone to turn to. Some of the things i've dealt with as a child were too painful and embarassing to talk about.
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hey hun, I'm here for you, and i understand what its like to not want to talk about bad things that have happened to you, or to be afraid, or embarrassed to talk about it...I feel like that every day. and if you ever need to talk...I'm here. you could try talking to the girl that you got pregnant, take her out somewhere nice, and try to tell her whats going on. good luck.:biggrin:
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