547 Days

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    You have seen me through,
    Seen me through my highs,
    And my countless lows.
    I have shown you a side of me,
    That is usually hidden far far away,
    And still there you are,
    Looking at me with that smile,
    The smile that made me know,
    What I already felt...
    You have had 547 days to run,
    To turn away from me,
    Like so many before you,
    And every one of those days;
    You told me the magic words,
    "Will I see you in the morning?",
    With a glimmer of hope...
    But I do know I have been difficult,
    And I admire the strength it took,
    To have patience with me.
    When you had to breathe life into me,
    Plant smiles on my quivering lips
    When I hated the me he left behind,
    And you rebuilt me, from the bottom to the top,
    I am even sorry it took me a while,
    To understand that we were more,
    Than just friends...
    But I have loved you for 547 days now,
    And I have never been so sure before,
    This is only the beginning.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.