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  1. realfluttersby

    realfluttersby New Member

    I don't really want sympathy.
    im not even sure i want advice.
    ive just started a new year at uni. last year was a one year course and it didnt turn out so good. i ended up not having many friends and being a shy person i blamed that. This year i have been much more confident than usual and have made a few acquantainces, but everyone else seems to have already made proper friends and cliques. I find it very hard to talk to girls. i recently broke up with my boyfriend which i dont regret, we had a very happy relationship. im currently sleeping with my flatmate. hes a nice guy. im not all that good on my course, i do illustration and everyone else can actually draw. i used to have some sort of feeling of self worth and self..believe? but thats gone now.
    i care very little about what happens to me on a daily basis. i dont think im at the state of committing suicide. ive cut myself a couple of times but its mainly through guilt of hurting someone else. i probably need to go see someone but im not great at opening up and telling people how i feel. i just thought id give a non-direct approach a go.
    i dont feel like ive got nobody to talk to, i just think life is futile. this is probably very selfish of me, but i dnt really care.
    if im going to feel this low every day for the rest of my life then what is the point? im so scared to let myself stop and think because i can feel myself heading on a downward spiral. my flatmate isnt going to be here for most of next week and im terrified of being alone in my flat with nothing to distract me.
    i just feel pointless.

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    do you have any hobbies ?
    the younger folks today have alot to contend with.

    im almost 50 and i only had ONE true friend. i dont mingle with many ppl. it has to do with the way things were back then ....

    the world has many opportunities for you. you have to feel comfy in your own skin before you can start "stepping" out.

    if you feel that your not comfy in your own skin .. then constructively and honestly with yourself ... find ways to change. your not changing to impress others. you have to change to comfort yourself first.

    if a person isnt happy in their surroundings, because they feel they dont fit in ... then staying in that environment is doing no good. any kind of happiness they might show .. is false. the mask they wear everyday only hides emotions for so long. in time the one wearing the mask becomes used to that and becomes unable to adapt to the changes that they need to make.
    its time to get yourself together. you dont have to be with someone every day of your life. those ppl may come and go. use this time to find out who you are and what you need to do FOR YOU.

    odies thoughts.
  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    This is a great place to not be alone. While your flatmate is away, you can come here and post. Post about anything and everything. Get some of the things out that you have been trying so hard to keep squashed down inside. It is hard enough to deal with life's problems but almost impossible if you try all alone.

    Like Odiecom said, find a hobby or something that interests you to fill your spare time. Anything that you've ever wanted to try but didnt have the time? Crafts, sports, maybe just even picking up a few good books and reading them. Or even get a few good comic dvds you havent had a chance to see yet but have wanted to for a while. Anything to fill the emptiness while you're roomie is away.

    Glad you found SF. I think you'll find some help in getting through this.

    Something to consider that may change your outlook on things is to volunteer at some worthy cause. A shelter or soup kitchen. You get to see first hand just how much you mean to another person, see your self worth. You can leave at the end of your shift knowing you really did do something to better another persons day. Also see about support groups that are available at the uni. Another way to connect with people that you see everyday that can understand where you are at.

    And you can talk here all you want or can. So many other members will be able to relate to what you are saying. They can give you a shoulder to lean on and support you through this.
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