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    I hate this i hate it all, we work so hard, spend all fucking time doing something that takes so much effort to get a good degree to get a good job to get lots of money, but money doesn't buy happiness it isn't everything, so why do we fucking try? Why care why bother i hate this all i haven't got the effort the motivation i want to just lay down and fucking die i want to drive a knife into me, to jump off the ledge, to jump in front of a car i want to end it all i want to stop the pain. Nobody would... could ever love me i'm worthless.. a ***** a piece of shit so fuck it all... i really need to find a reason to keep on going...
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    I want to stop the pain exactly you don't want to die you want the ffff pain to go away so you can live Your degree will help you survive in a world that unfortunately you do need money Your want to find a reason to survive try reaching out to others who are suffering like you. Try voulunteer work at a homeless shelter or at humane society working with animals. Do something that will make you feel better about you. You need to talk to someone on the phone with crisis with your doctor anyone who will listen. Coming here releasing some of the pain works but you need to call GP and get some councilling get on some meds reach out and get help for you to make you better so the future ahead doesn't look so dim.
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    I'm always here for you, and try speaking with someone.