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    Ah well im off prozac again, 4 days so far. I've also been ill for the same time and bed ridden so kinda got cabin fever anyway i need to let some stuff out lol...

    (This isnt aimed at any forum people)
    I know its good to be modest n such like but ive got a mensa tested IQ of 136 i know im fucking smarter than you so dont bother trying to drag up a pointless argument because i will destroy you at it, I'm smart because im a knowledge ***** and am constantly learning. Its starting to piss me off massivly that I have to dumb myself down for all but 1 person i hang out with.

    It also fucks me off that il get out of bed n give people who are shitted a 3am lift home and then they wont even return my call a week later when im coughing up parts of my lung n could use a friend to talk too.

    Then there are people who give u obviously shit excuses not to do something.. just be honest n say i dont want to do X or Y can we do Z instead... dont just say maybe then 'forget' to reply GRRR i wouldnt have anything to do with you ever again but i get on too well with you to tell you to fuck off out of my life
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    You don't need high IQ to see your angry I hope you can be honest with your so call friends just as you want honesty and tell them how pissed off you are.
  3. TWF

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    I think you need to tell you're friends if it's bothering you. I get you're drift.. Dumbing down...

    Good luck.