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  1. cult logic

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    So I'm pretty sure I failed my math and english finals.

    And you know something? I don't really care. =/

    I should but I don't.

    It matters but it doesn't.

    Why do I need good grades if I'm probably gonna die before I'm 20.

    I could be a better person but I won't because that's what losers do: nothing.

    Screw it. :badday:
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  3. sammakko

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    It is most important you read exams and make your best. You never know if it is enough before you try. Powers for you to keep going.
  4. Bambi

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    Hey Fawkes I am right there with you...you care but you don't....grades are just a small part of one's education and you are in graduate level studies when it comes to dealing with life and I am sure you don't feel it but you are doing well. You have a lot to deal with in your life from what I have gathered and you are doing great. Fuck the grades you went in and did it and that is what matters...you suited up and took the test. I sure hope you are around past 20, I really do and again you have a lot to deal with go easy on yourself would you? Love ya, Bambi
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    Dude, your grades do matter. They can get you to someplace where you actually do feel like you have a better future. If you're having psych troubles that distract you from working at your true capabilities, then you can request a leave of absence until you're feeling better. Schools understand this need and they'll enthusiastically give you time off.

    Oh nvm, I don't know how it is in the UK.
  7. cult logic

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    I'm in the US, and they already have me in a program for kids with "emotional problems".

    The problem is me. I don't work to my potential, and can't see that I ever will.

    I can't focus, and the school is done putting up with it. So is my family.
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    I feel I failed 1 of my exams too. Retake?
  9. cult logic

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    Depends on if my IEP board wants me to.

    Guess it's up to them in the end if I retake it.

    Should have done well the first time. No one to blame but myself really for that.

    Though I'm sure I will hear about that from everyone soon enough.