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    Anbody have any experiences with this substance?

    Here is some info:

  2. I took it, oh, about 9 years ago (100 mg dosage - and it does come in different dosages, read the label).

    It did help me then, as I was going through a lot of crises in my life (unfortunately - and unbelieveably - these crises escalated and became rather constant for the next 8 hellish years). I took it in the morning actually, not to sleep (and I did not experience drowsiness, but a more 'even' calmness). But as my mental state eventually deteriorated [into severe depression] through the constant stress, it no longer had the effect it once had. It's also contraindicated if you're taking any prescribed anti-depressants...

    Now that my depression has lifted (after treatment), I'd happily give up the Zoloft, and go back on that... (I just might!)

    Jus' my story... (one size does not fit all)
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    Thanks for telling your experience with it.

    I took it previously before the zoloft. I'm off that medication now and started taking 5HTP and find it is a big help to the feeling of sadness, I think it really does work and I'm sure it is helping with the SSRI discontinuation syndrome I'm going though now. I'm taking about 500mg a day and some extra vitamin B6.

    I think it is a good natural choice to help relieve depression without the aid of pharmaceutical drugs.

    Serotonin is very important in regulating mood, and 5HTP is the precursor molecule. Apparently tryptophan is one of the lowest essential amino acids consumed in the diet, and in a shortage of vitamin B3 it is used to make that instead as a priority. Vitamin B6 is involved in the conversion of 5HTP to 5HT (serotonin), so a shortage of that vitamin could also possibly lower serotonin levels and thus lowering your mood.
  4. Wow! That is all [overwhelmingly] informative! You've REALLY done your homework!! All I can humbly add is that a natural souce/supplement comes from Griffonia Simplicifolia (seeds of a West African plant)...