6 steps to scorn, pain, weeds, chains and throrns

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  1. memories of antiquity
    vanishing before my eyes
    the peace once we knew
    is lost forever
    lament a ghost in eternal limbo

    tears of red i choke
    reminiscent bitter grief
    vice grip on my damned soul
    why did they take you instead of me?
    many questions, no answers

    here you rest
    hidden from me
    dirt and stone covering
    a tomb all that informs
    a shield to protect you

    pain and desolation
    empty and numb
    woes i cannot relinquish
    seen much yet
    learned nothing

    now i hate myself
    forsaken mentality
    horrid contemplations
    nightmares of you aplenty
    kiss of death, lips of a thief

    the god i once loved
    stand before me a sworn foe
    your mercy and love
    scorn and comedy
    a nemesis, burning hatred

    eeht nruom i woh rehtorb ym
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    I don't know how I missed this one but... this is a gem!:smile: YOur feelings, sorrowful as they are:sad: , are perfectly expressed.:smile: And it reads aloud so well. Great poetry! Share some more, please.



    I especially like your last line...
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