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  1. Wastingecho

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    i've now been sick for 6 weeks

    had to take a week of vacation because i had used so many sick days HR was starting to talk about short-term disability which i can't afford because it takes the state weeks to process the first payments

    fever coming down but still dogging me but i have to work or my chance at a decent bonus will suffer so i've been in the office sick for the last 3 days

    been on two sets of steroids, two sets of anitibiotics, total of 10 different medications that have had little to no effect

    tired of living with this, tired of doctors who barely look at you, but at least my cough has reduced to the point where i'm reasonably certain my lungs will remain inside my body

    then today i get a call from the nurse practitioner telling me she is going to send me paperwork for more bloodwork and that i need to follow up with a pulmonologist - and silly me, i tell her that there's no point

    at which point she tells me that, my mental condition notwithstanding, it sounds like i don't want to get better

    fuck this shit - she knows about my depression - we've discussed it and it's in my file

    see doctors for weeks and it wasn't until week 4 that someone decided to run blood tests and chest x-ray - no cultures, no swabs, nothing other than tongue depressors and stethoscopes until that point

    maybe i need to take a good hard look at myself - if she's really right, i now have more than enough strong medication to deal with the problem permanently - i'll have to remember to thank her for that
  2. WildCherry

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    Hoping you'll consider getting the bloodwork done and following up with a pulmonologist (damn, that word is hard as hell to spell)!

  3. youRprecious!

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    Hoping that you are OK, W....... I've been away and wondering how you are getting on. :)
  4. total eclipse

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    I too hope you follow up with the blood work ok hun do it the hell with everyone ok just do that for YOU hugs
  5. Wastingecho

    Wastingecho Well-Known Member

    think it's finally done - no fever, no more coughing

    everyone still pushing me to get last blood test - don't want to have a panic attack in front of the technician (again)
  6. youRprecious!

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    Hey W, FANTASTIC to hear from you :)

    I can relate a little bit to how tough it must have been, have been sick with 'flu for over 3 weeks, was just getting over it after 2 weeks and spent an hour in a plane long enough to pick up another bug, and have been coughing my lungs out for the last 5 days - impossible to sleep beyond 2 or 3 am - nothing seems to be able to fix it :( But getting a little better each day ....