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  1. porcelain child

    porcelain child Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to do..

    Since Sunday i have been harrassed by Gary, Evan and Barry. On Saturday night there were bugs all over me, eating me alive.. The guys have been telling me to overdose and self harm and run away..

    Now they are getting even stronger and Friday who my angel, she looks after me, she keeps telling me to run cos the guys outside have a plan to get me and kill me..

    So tomorrow i decided to run away and overdose.. I want to do it now, but i can't cos my boyfriend is keeping an eye on me.. I can't talk to him, cos he will stop me and i need to do this for survival..

    I told my CPN about them, and she said it my way of dealing with what happened to me in the past and that i see these things as a coping technique.. I have no idea why on earth she would think that me seeing people is a coping mechnisim, but either way she is not at work, she only works 2 days a week.. I can't stand the crisis team, they are rude and horrible..

    I am really scared, but i have no other option.. I have been distracting myself all day, and making myself do things to ignore them, but now they are getting even more louder and i just need to get away from them before i get hurt..
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hey can you call your doctor talk to him or her and see if you can get your medication increased. I know the crisis team has helped me alot it depends on who you get i guess but they have been very supportive. If you can't get a hold of doctor call the hospital okay they will help you get the voices to go away by giving you a different medication. You need to get help okay so you are more stable try okay reach out and get some help
  3. suicider628

    suicider628 Well-Known Member

    fight back? instead of listening to them, tell them to fuck off and kick them in the balls, i am depress, but i know i will if someone tell me that. If it get extreme, call the cops, don't be afaird.
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