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does anyone else try to make themselves depress cus they think they deserve it and just cant let themselves ever get to the point of happiness cus.its like i have to prevent myslef form being happy at all costs.


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I think at times I have allowed myself to be hurt because I told myself I deserve it but in some ways I think I didn't feel the same deep down inside. In my case it was more my way of telling people how much I was hurting. Are you allowing yourself to be hurt physically or emotionally? That could fall into the catagory of self-harm perhaps.



I find it kind of strange, I don't think I ever seen anyone make such a on the mark statement about how I feel.

I ALWAYS feel that way. It gets so often, and so much the same, it's become a partt of me. And we drown in the self-downing comments all the time. Because I believe that I was born to be a failure, with the insecurities I have. I think we are very similar Unregistered12.

I hope this helps a bit,
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