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I really don't know where to start.. not very familiar with this kind of thing.. As much as i do have friends and a family that loves me over the past year i have just got more and more depressed and miserable.. I've considered suicide before but nothing ever came of it... but lately its all i can think about, just ending my life.. i dont really wish to talk extensively about what goes on in it, but if any1 does have a particular interest then you can message me if i am still around.

To me it seems inevietable that i will end my life soon, and the more i think about it the more i want to just end it, I've done research to some extent into suicide methods.. but i really do want to do a thorough job.. make sure i'm dead as dead.. and not left disabled or severely injured or just to look like an attention seeker.. I really dont seek attention, i wish to draw as little attention to me ending my life as possible - if i could just dissapear and every1 forget about me that would be ideal i think. Its quite difficult living at home with a dad who won't get off my back about everything and nothing, a stepmum who always comes in my room everynow and then to tell me tea is ready / bring clean clothes in or w/e, an annoying step sister and a step brother but i dont really see much of him. Most of the stuff i have looked at says paracetamol takes 5 days or more to kill you and you go through quite severe pain before you die... maybe I could cope with the pain if i could just curl up in my room for 5 days... but i think this isnt possible without being found. I don't think i could cut my wrists or try hanging myself... as i dont have a rope and there isnt anything in my room i could hang myself from so i'd have to go do it somewhere where i dont want to be when i die.

I want to be definately dead by the time i am found, but i dont wish to be in exessive pain during the last minutes/hours of my life.. and i dont really have anything handy lying around like a gun.. or the money to buy one, so does any1 have any ideas or tips they could give? - relatively quick, relatively painless.. i guess people who read these forums regularly get alot of requests like this but i am sincere, and i would appreciate it. the internet seems to always kick up the same old drivvel.

Sorry if this offends any1.


I am sorry that you are feeling so much pain right now, but this is a suicide support forum; we do not give out methods or encourage suicide in any way. Please stay strong. Living in a place that is uncomfortable for you is very depressing, I know first hand. But, if you find a way to relax yourself and somebody to talk to now and again, the pain you feel gets easier to cope with. Feel free to talk to us here further; we are here to help. Best wishes.
i really cant.. as much as i have tried, or maybe some would argue i havent, either way I'm sat here with about <mod edit:bunny - methods>, they are all going down now, I'm sick of this shit I really desire death, life offers me nothing... I'll prolly have alot of pain over the next x days... but i guess soon it will all be over... i really really really dont want to live this life anymore..
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