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Im posting here regularly
Im not scared of the rape and abuse forum anymore....
I used to be
I was like
will people judge me, are my problems that bad?? why cant I keep just bottling them up?
but ummm
now, thanks to you guys
Im ok with it :biggrin:
and news kinda.
I have a bofriend now
a guy I kept saying no to, cause I was scared about the not letting him touch me part.
he tried to touch me, but I just got so rattled he asked, and I told.
and hes fine with it :tongue:
so Im on a little high
woo for the forum, I love you all, spesh ShadyM, hes helped me so much. x


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What lovely news to know that there are decent men out there who can care for you after your ordeal. Be happy!
My dream would be to write a similar thread, but at the moment I'm too affected by what has happened.
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