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7 days more for mah life

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After 7 days i do have mah exams....di most imp exam of mah life n i dun knw..how am i gonna perform..i cant damn fail dis time..i do wanna paas...but i need 65% to get into di navy n i knw i may not get it coz i even doubt to b pass.NO 1 can help me now:sad: Oh god am i not the blessd 1? Sumtimz i feel...y di hell i m alive...for whom..coz after mah exam its all over...if i dnt get into navy..i dunno..i may end mah life..damn..i knw i cnt do dat..coz i want to do sumthing in mah life....but these devil feelings do come in mah mind when i dnt succeed..I feel i shuld copy in mah examz n i dnt mind gettin debarred for 3 yrs..damn...or else do i have any other damn option...studying is like..i m vry tensd abt thinking all these things n i cant even study...sumtimes i think of leaving mah house n should go sumwhere...OH god i m so confused in mah life.I m tired....toooo tired of mah life..i dun have any friends...who stay near by my house...I alwayz needed a friend like me..coz many ppl have askd me for help..n they r happy tday wit mah advice...but tday when i need sum 1...i dnt have any 1 with me...its not like..dey hav betryd me or sumthing like dat...but i knw dat dey cnt solve mah prob...i dnt have any true friend..i m unlucky in finding gud friends...coz there's no 1 to share mah feelings...only sum net friends dats it...I m sick of mah life n after all dis...if i dnt get into navy i wanna b DEAD...coz damn..i dnt have any other option...But i knw i cant do dat....if i had the power to donate mah life to some 1...i would have done dat...but i cnt waste mah life....by ending it.I m just 19 n i do wanna make mah life bettr....

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Blessed, I don't mean to criticise or anything...

I would love to help you, or at least read your posts and think about it, but the way you type makes it so hard. I can't get past two or three lines without having to stop and leave. And I can't come back. I would request you please please please please please try to type full, understandable sentences.

I don't mean this offensively, I'm sorry.
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