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The world is evil, i dont feel like living in such a igorant place. And by living i contributes to perpetuate the state that is as exhaustable both on human spirt as its on nature of things.
I felt real shitty about wrote it, its sometimes i felt. And i suppose it made no sense. I feel like suffering yet lack power to change it. I come to be so weak. I dont what makes a person so weak. It must be the lost of hope... a dim future and weakness of heart... Sometimes i feel totally different uncaring everything becomes laughable. Im really messed up, in thousand different ways orginated from some concentrated source. I wished all these problems would unite and show itself to me, so i can ditch or destroy it. Im so confused by them right now. I alienate myself.


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We were put on this world to live, not to die.. you have lots to learn, to love and be happy about, you gotta give it a try.. Whats troubling you? pm me if you wanna chat x
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